Sushmita is a Managing Director & Senior Partner with Boston Consulting Group and leads BCG’s Corporate Finance and Strategy Practice Area for North America. Until recently, she served as the global leader for the firm’s Strategy business. She sits on the North American leadership teams of BCG’s People and Organization as well as Transformation practices and participate in the US Retirement Benefits Committee (RBC) which oversees BCG’s retirement programs for its staff as a voting member.

Sushmita works extensively with clients in areas related to strategy, growth, organization, large-scale transformation, operational improvement, total shareholder return, post-merger integration, and digital identity. She is a core member of BCG’s Social Impact practice, partnering with several clients to advance their goals in a sustainable manner.

Throughout her career at BCG, she has held several leadership positions within the following practices: Corporate Finance & Strategy Practice (Global Marketing & Communications leader; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion leader), Technology, Media and Telecom (North American leadership team) and NYC and NJ offices (Alumni lead, Women@BCG). Sushmita was instrumental in developing BCG’s B2B Information Services sector.

Prior to BCG, she held a senior position at Unilever (India and APAC) and led successful assignments in sales, brand management and customer development.

Sushmita is passionate about the arts and is deeply involved with New York’s Metropolitan Museum, participating in the Finance and Revenue committees of their Board of Trustees as an advisory member. Sushmita serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for JUST Capital.